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Public Sensiitization SeminarDue to the recent misconception and misunderstanding of a trending global issue titled “COVID -19”, the management of Osun State University recently kick-started plans to enlighten the general public on the prevention against the spread of Corina virus disease and how to stay safe.

Seasoned virologists in the department of Microbiology of the University will on Thursday, 19th of March,2020 enlighten the public, and answer questions on the Corona virus disease as Dr. W.F Sule of the department presents a paper titled “COVID – 19: A bird’s- eye view into an intriguing pandemic.

It will be recalled that the department of public health of the University earlier did a sensitization programme on the day of valentine to show love and enlighten people on the Lassa fever disease.

Speaking on the various initiatives of the University, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Labode Popoola said “Osun State University is not just a University that is set up to teach the students alone but we give back to the public, enlighten the public on various issues that might have a negative effect on them and care for the people by supporting them in various ways".

This Thursday, again, as a problem-solving institution and a contributor to the success and wellbeing of the citizens, we are prepared and set to enlighten and answer queries on the trending global issue, titled “COVID – 19: A bird’s eye view into an intriguing pandemic,” Professor Popoola added.


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