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Fraternal greetings!

For some inexplicable reasons, our institution has in the last couple of years been in the news for not so salutary reasons. We therefore, started the year 2017 on a promising note, with the resolve to collectively rebuild our troubled institution and to reposition her to be amongst the best. Gradually, however, the narratives are changing and our institution is emerging from the ruins of the sordid past. Certainly, today is better than yesterday, and a better tomorrow is assured.

Achieving these has entailed making tough choices and decisions as against the easy ones that would lead us to nowhere. In scenarios like this, resistance is natural, but the span is usually short. We have prioritized staff welfare by ensuring that staff salaries, as a commitment I made in my application to serve as the Vice-Chancellor of this institution, are paid in full and within the last week of every month. This we know is a feat unrivalled in any contemporary higher institution in Nigeria. It is heartwarming to note also that our students, the reason for which we are all here, are beginning to realize that their mission here is simple: to satisfy their thirst for knowledge through honest toil, diligence, discipline and good results. The last Bar Final Examinations were indicative of the great possibilities in our institution, if only we will stick to our core mandate, vision and mission. Two of our students, Odunuga Tumininu and Abiodun Rufai made us proud by making First Class at the Bar Final Examinations, with our institution also posting 92% success rate and coming out as the overall third best in the country, even ahead of several older and well-established institutions. Our students also came first in a national debate marking the 80th birthday ceremonies of President Olusegun Obasanjo. Also, Lateefah Oyeleye graduated the overall best medical student in the whole of Ukraine. Many more are still possible.

We pray for the repose of the souls of our departed staff and students, particularly, Sonibare, who was brutally murdered in June, 2017. We empathize with all stakeholders and families who suffered any form of losses or harm in the course of the past year as we pray for the protection of the Almighty God over us all in the New Year and beyond.

Moving forward, we will build on these modest achievements, strengthen our institutional processes, play by the rules, provide level playing ground to ensure equal chance, and be fair but firm to all and in all circumstances. Our efforts at curbing leakages, wastages, greed and avarice have yielded incredible results. We shall intensify these. As an administration, we accept that aspirations, ambitions and interests are normal in any human society, but no person’s aspiration, ambition and/or interest should jeopardize those of the collective, and indeed the progress of the institution. As we begin another year, we like to plead that our individual and/or collective interests should be pursued with peaceful and less rancorous approaches. We like also, to thank everyone and groups for the different roles played privately and/or publicly to get us to where we are. God, the Mighty will reward all accordingly.

There is no doubting the fact that the last 365 days were needlessly tough, bumpy and cliffy, but HE saw us through. HE won't forsake us in 2018. May God of Creation continue to direct our noble cause. May HE guide all of us right, to grow in love and honesty. May HE continually remind us all that what touches us should be last served. May HE guide us to know that great institutions are built on beliefs, principles, honest toil and not on selfish interests.

"Reflecting deeply, we consider it apposite to conclude that this institution now has all it takes to get to the top. We are blessed with a visitor who believes in institutional autonomy, a Chancellor, who rather than taking from us, gives generously and cheerfully, a Council leadership that is not in any way a burden to the institution. No institution could be luckier! The onus is squarely on us as staff and students to complement their efforts by playing our own part."

On our part as an administration, we shall redouble our efforts and continue to provide honest and selfless leadership. We do not accept the status quo. We will make wave to change UNIOSUN for the better. We look forward to a productive year, with multiple individual and institutional achievements. Please, sign on!

God bless us all.

Happy and fruitful 2018 and beyond.

On behalf of the Vice-Chancellory

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